Androcom CLS is currently looking for consultants, freelancers and production partners to assist in meeting client requirements.


Our current need is for associates with experience and qualifications in:

  • Instructional design (classroom and/or distance education)
  • Program evaluation

Please forward your resume, including short descriptions of recent projects, to kdesson@androcom.com.

Production Partners

As described elsewhere on this site, Androcom CLS is an Ottawa-based company which specializes in connected learning consulting, management and content development services.

When a learning resource has been planned, organized and written, we seek out an appropriate production company to build and implement the finished product. We would welcome an opportunity to talk with you about your capabilities in:

  • Graphic design, authoring, and implementation services
  • Hosting of online learning programs
  • Animation of characters and scenarios

Please contact kdesson@androcom.com.