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Workplace networking


ANDROCOM helps clients achieve extraordinary workplace learning results through the integrated use of eLearning, performance support, and informal learning approaches.

Androcom can help you:

Develop and link learning events, performance tools, and informal learning.

Connect learners with their peers, subject matters experts, and the wider world.

Manage support activities such as platform selection, production coordination, and program evaluation.

Making connections like these creates synergies that energize and enrich workplace learning.

Androcom has been delivering connected learning services for more than 20 years.
Along the way we’ve learned that…

Connected doesn’t mean complicated.

Making connections reduces overlap and complication by clarifying where each learning resource fits.

It’s not about technology.

It’s about putting knowledge and skills in learners’ hands by the best means possible.

Learning should achieve results.

To enhance performance through learning, it’s important to set objectives, measure results, and improve as you go.

Learners are resources, not just targets.

Making learners and other stakeholders participants in creation, delivery, and assessment makes learning better.

Simple solutions often work best.

The KISS principle applies in learning as well as design. Why develop a training program when a checklist will do?

There’s no ONE best way.

It’s always important to shape solutions to fit the context – sometimes by combining several complementary approaches.